Silver Streak Café

run your own SUCCESSFUL FAMILY business with the

Silver Streak  Cafe



Are you ready for the freedom and independence that owning your own successful business can bring?

This 1957 classic American gem brings people back to a time gone by. We lovingly restored, re-purposed and retrofitted it as a completely operational plug-in business, serving hundreds of thousands of satisfied people for over 13 years. The trailer was previously equipped for use as a coffee stand and is approved to strict, California Health Department standards. The coffee equipment was recently removed and it is ready for you to build your business in this polished aluminum and stainless steel retro-dream! So whether you live in San Diego or Boston, Amsterdam or Tokyo, the vintage Silver Streak Café could now be yours to run your own successful family business! 


Take the first step toward becoming a successful restaurateur!


History of the Silver Streak Café

We began by selling fresh brewed coffee and iced blended mochas in 1999 out of a pop-up tent at special events in Santa Barbara. As our menu, equipment and event schedule expanded, we were soon outgrowing our original set-up. Then one day, we learned of this venerable old gem waiting to be saved from oblivion. We rescued this tired, dull and neglected diamond in the rough in 2004 from a canyon in Santa Cruz where it had sat mulching for decades (and, we learned, for decades before that in the Mojave Desert!) home alone to bees and snakes. After a very slow ride home, we began a ground up retrofit to modern construction standards and of course, health and safety requirements. It turned into a three year, very expensive and time consuming project!

My personal background is as a precision machinist, fabricator and engine builder with 40 plus years’ experience in the aerospace, prototype product development and motorcycle industries (fabrication, restoration and racing). This was not only a fun challenge but a labor of love - and I LOVE building things but I can only do it right. In racing, the saying is “You must first finish to finish first” and we’ve NEVER not finished at an event. With that said, nothing has been compromised. Everything used for fabrication is aircraft aluminum, marine grade stainless steel, or commercial restaurant quality.

To begin with, the interior was completely gutted, the walls were painstakingly stripped of their original insane asylum green paint then 90% of the panels were removed to access and inspect the body’s structural integrity. With the exception of a handful of loose original rivet heads, everything was as fresh as it had been when it rolled out of the El Monte, California factory in 1957 – now almost 60 years ago!

Once accessible, all new stainless steel fasteners as well as copper wiring and plumbing were installed through the frame spars, isolated in rubber grommets to prevent chaffing. The original fiberglass insulation was in perfect condition so it was reinstalled. The exterior had a few battle scars but only minor dents and scratches.  With both, nothing that several thousands of dollars with a professional aircraft polishing company couldn’t fix… Anyway, the proof is in the finished product, inside and out. No matter where the Silver Streak Café is seen, either rolling down the road or on location serving happy smiling customers it draws people’s attention!


Our Success

4 months and $130,000

Anyone can buy one of the thousands of food trucks or simple concession trailers on the market today for less. But what we are offering you represents far more than that, it is your investment in a time proven, plug and play, cash generating… going concern! To put this in perspective, the last season we served at an ice rink, we sold over 5,000 hot dogs alone and did nearly $130,000 in sales! One day when all our staff had final exams, I was forced to work by myself and sold over $3,200! 

Running the Café              Do something you love

Our cafe has been designed to be run efficiently with minimum inventory, ease of setup, low maintenance and 2-3 staffers even under busy conditions. The products and ingredients are easy to stock and generate  margins. Travel around to fun Festivals, Sporting Events, Car Shows, State and County Fairs, Flea Markets, and more, or even find semi-permanent or permanent location

Work for yourself, have the flexibility to choose when and where you work and make it enjoyable!